Refund & Return Policy

Return policy

Palacios Items are not returnable, but may be refunded. See about Damaged Palacios Items for information on requesting a refund.
About Damaged Palacios Items

If you arent satisfied with the condition of the product that you receive from us, well issue a refund up to 30 days from date of delivery.
As long as we are in one of these incident:
- Poor delivery conditions
- Open or damaged package
In any case, you must claim the refund before the product has been consumed.
If you receive a damaged or otherwise unusable Palacios item, you can request to refund by visiting our Contact Us page. We will not ask you to return the item.

Refund policy

The product order will be refundable if it is canceled before the first 24 hours. For this it is necessary contact us by phone or filling out the contact form.

Steps to follow - Incorrect or Damaged Items

If you received an incorrect or damaged item, please follow these steps within the first 7 days after receiving the package:

1 Once you received your order, please check (Do not open the wrappers) if your order matches with the delivery.

2 In case of quantity mismatching, please check it with your purchase receipt.

3 Please contact our customer service, filling out the contact form or calling this number (305) 477-1650.

In order to verify the mismatching or the damaged item, you will be asked to provide a picture of the item.